I'm Edahn Golan, an analyst specializing in the economics of the diamond industry

Since the 2008 economic fallout, my work has been centering on research and analysis projects, focusing on polished prices, the rough diamond market and diamonds as an investment asset class.

This focus includes advising global diamond firms, industry bodies and governmental agencies, writing research papers on topics ranging from provenance analysis of fancy color diamonds to diamonds' contribution to local economies, as well as contributing or writing the diamond chapters for financial institutions and leading research teams such as KPMG and Bain & Co.

I'm the former editor-in-chief of IDEX Online, a leading diamond industry news and analysis website and an active trading platform for the global diamond and jewelry industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in traditional and new media, I've been a TV director, radio show host, writer and editor.

My articles about the diamond and diamond jewelry industry have been quoted by university and economic researchers, investment firms, human rights groups, intelligence organizations, trade publications and blogs around the world.


IDEX Online,

February 2001 – April 2013

I joined the IDEX Online Group in February 2001 to form the news department for the newly launched web site. Under my management, the department grew to become a leading source of industry news, company analysis, opinion columns and polished and rough diamond trend market reports for the global diamond industry.

In recent years, and with an international team of writers, we have expanded our services to diamond pipeline research. As part of this successful activity, I advised leading diamond firms, industry bodies, investment companies and governmental agencies, writing research papers on topics ranging from provenance analysis of fancy color diamonds and the contribution of diamonds to local economies to the viability investment in diamonds.

This effort included performing the back end analysis or authoring the diamond chapters for consulting firms such as KPMG and Bain & Co.


Cover Stories,

Diamond Prices & the Forces That Shape Them
An examination of the forces affecting polished diamond prices, including internal diamond industry and wider macro economic events that push up or press down prices.
IDEX Magazine, Issue 275, March 2013

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Roughing It Out
A primer about the most mysterious, most misunderstood and one of the most important sectors of the diamond jewelry pipeline – the rough diamond segment. An in-depth topic analysis.
IDEX Magazine, Issue 270, October 2012

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The Diamond Investment Promise
Are diamonds finally a commodity? The most complete publically available analysis that examines the two major investment alternatives, the budding ventures and clarifies why investing in diamonds is a viable option. An in-depth topic analysis.
IDEX Magazine, Issue 268, August 2012

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Lifting the Veil of Mystery, Analyst & Researcher

We were commissioned by Bain & Co. to provide backbone data and essential research for a report that traces the structural changes the diamond industry has experienced in the past decade, explains the mechanics of mining, and explore the two main uses of diamonds: in jewelry and for industrial applications. It touches on the structure of the value chain, from the financial risk involved in early exploration to the economics of the retail trade.

The report also explores potential future scenarios through a supply-demand forecast. With the prospects for demand rising in key consuming countries, demand for rough diamonds is set to outpace supply over the coming decade.

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DIB, Managing Editor

February 2009 – May 2010

Diamond Intelligence Briefs (DIB) is described as the world's most authoritative, staunchly independent and widely quoted international diamond industry resource. The weekly publication is the leading source of diamond industry exposés and analysis that often influences policy decision making in the diamond industry. Published by DIB/Chaim Even-Zohar

Diamond Intelligence Briefs

Memo, Columnist

A leading weekly opinion column published on IDEX Online. Topics cover diverse subjects, from ethics to analysis and scoops on industry events.

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InstoreMag, Guest Blogger

A leading publication geared primarily towards independent U.S. jewelers.

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Commissioned Research

I conduct research projects on various economic aspects of the global diamond industry on behalf of publicly traded financial firms, institutions, governments, leading diamond industry companies, niche players and more.

Research topics include polished diamond prices and the forces that shape them, an analysis of rough diamond prices, feasibility studies for investment in diamonds, provenance of fancy color diamonds, and more.


I'm a regular speaker at diamond and jewelry industry events and seminars, including International Jewellery London, Inhorgenta Munich and diamond industry courses.


BA in Broadcast Communication Arts
San Francisco State University

In the Press


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